Nose to Mouth Lines

Lift your nose to mouth lines with dermal filler. This treated area will look smoother after the treatment. This type of dermal filler treatment procedure lasts for 15 minutes. You get instant results.

You’ll look younger with this treatment. The procedure has less downtime. The results of this dermal filler last from six to fifteen months. 

How long does it take?

How much does it cost?

£179 - £329 (£50 deposit required to secure your booking)

After your treatment

Here are some nose to mouth lines filler treatment aftercare tips: Avoid taking in medicine, alcohol, and caffeine for three days to give the treated area the time to heal. Avoid overexposure to the sun to protect the treated area from any swelling. Avoid too much movement within the treated area. Make sure to apply an ice bag on the treated area to minimise the bruises. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Apply moisturizer to the injected area. Observe a healthy diet to get all the vitamins and mineral your skin will need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The filler is injected along the nose-to-mouth lines to lift and fill that area and 'declutters' the face, making it appear smoother and brighter overall. :
Juvéderm and Revolax are the popular brand of fillers used. These brands are known to last longer and trusted by many.
How long do nose-to-mouth lines fillers last? :
Will there be any pain while getting nose-to-mouth lines fillers?
Nose to mouth fillers last between six to fifteen months. The healing process will depend on the filler being used and how the body takes I the dermal filler used. :
The pain is very minimal. The fillers used contain lidocaine, a numbing agent which helps minimise any feeling in the area. Before treatment, we also apply a topical numbing cream.
When will I start to see the results? :
How long is the recovery period after getting nose-to-mouth lines fillers?
The results for this treatment appear instantly. :
The downtime for getting nose-to-mouth lines fillers is minimal. Small amounts of bruising can occur, which fade within two weeks after the treatment. Small amounts of swelling can occur for the first few hours after the procedure, but it subsides within the day.
Will there be bruising? :
Yes, there will be minimal bruising and that will die down after two weeks. :