Non-Surgical Nose Job

A semi-permanent to alter the shape of your nose, a non-surgical nose job is a dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid fillers. The hyaluronic acid filler sharpens your nose to your desired shape. 

This non-surgical nose job is a way to straighten your nose bridge. It refines the tip of your nose to get a smoother look. It is an alternative to rhinoplasty. 

A non-surgical nose job has minimal downtime. 

How long does it take?

20-30 mins

How much does it cost?

£299 (£50 deposit required to secure your booking)

After your treatment

After the non-surgical nose job, it is best to follow these tips for aftercare: Within 10 hours after the procedure, avoid touching the bridge of your nose. Avoid too much movement within the area. Avoid taking in medicine, alcohol, and caffeine within three days after the treatment. Gently wash the treated area after a few hours. You can add make-up or sunscreen after a few hours. Avoid too much exposure to heat.

Before and afters

Frequently Asked Questions

Will nose fillers give me a smaller nose?:
Yes. Though filler is injected, technically making it bigger, it is injected in a way to make the nose look smaller, straighter, shorter and thinner.
How do nose fillers work?:
The filler is injected into the bridge of the nose to even out bumps, giving it a straight appearance. The tip of the nose can also be lifted slightly with filler injected to lift the tip, to remove the droop that some noses can have.
How long do nose fillers last?:
Nose fillers can last up to twelve months, depending on the filler used and how the body takes to the filler. During the first procedure, it may not last as long as the body newly takes to the filler, but results last longer the more treatments are given.
When will I start to see the results?:
The results for dermal filler-based nose augmentations appear instantly.
Will there be bruising?:
This depends on the skin, structure of the nose and the age of the client. There may be a little bruising, which dies down within two weeks after the treatment.
Which product is best for nose fillers?:
Popular filler brands like Juvéderm and Revolax are used, as they tend to last longer.
Which product is best for nose fillers?:
Popular filler brands like Juvéderm and Revolax are used, as they tend to last longer.
Will there be any pain while getting nose fillers?:
The pain is very minimal. The fillers used contain lidocaine, a numbing agent which helps minimise any feeling in the area. Before treatment, we also apply a topical numbing cream.
How long is the recovery period after getting nose fillers?:
The downtime for getting nose fillers is minimal. Small amounts of bruising can occur, which fade within two weeks after the treatment. Small amounts of swelling can also occur for the first few hours after the procedure, but it subsides within a day.