Lip Filler

A cosmetic procedure that gives your lips a fuller look. It is a treatment that lets you decide how you want your lips to look. A filler is injected on your lips to give it a fuller shape. There is less downtime and you get instant results after the treatment.

There may be minimal bruising after the procedure but that will die down after two weeks. Lip filler treatment is the perfect solution if you have asymmetrical lips.

How long does it take?

The whole procedure only takes 20 to 30 minutes.

How much does it cost?

£125 - £350 (£50 deposit required to secure your booking)

After your treatment

A lip filler treatment can bring about great-looking results. Your lips look plumper than ever. After every treatment, you need to follow these things on how to take care of your lips to get the best results. 1. Avoid excessive exercise 24 hours after treatment 2. Avoid intake of medicine, alcohol, and caffeine for at least three days. 3. Avoid sun exposure for long hours. 4. Avoid eating food with too much salt. 5. Stick to easy-to-eat food. 6. To avoid dehydration, drink lots of water especially a few days after treatment.

Before and afters

Frequently Asked Questions

Will lip fillers give me bigger lips?:
Lip fillers add volume to your lips without making it look big. It makes it plumper and fuller. You can choose the right size of your lips during the treatment.
How do lip fillers work?:
The lip filler treatment is a cosmetic procedure where fillers are injected around or under your lips.
How long do lip fillers last?:
Most of the time, lip fillers last until six months, but it still varies from person to person’s healing process.
When will I start to see the result?:
Lip filler treatment gives instant results during the procedure.
Will there be bruising?:
Yes, there will be bruising. Most of the time, bruising is minimal and does not stay long on the lips. However, it depends on the person’s skin. The more mature the skin, the longer bruises will stay.
Are lip fillers painful?:
Yes, there is minimal pain. You will almost not feel it. Lip fillers contain lidocaine an anaesthetic which can numb the skin and minimise the pain. A topical numbing cream is also applied before the procedure.
How long is the recovery time of a lip filler treatment?:
Bruising can last up to two weeks.