Pathway to Aesthetics

Pathway to Aesthetics

Kanvas Medical Group will teach students the following:

Skin Peels Training
Students will learn how to effectively apply skin peel solutions, with the aim of successfully stimulating growth of new skin cells in their patient. Students will achieve such skill by studying what chemical peels are, how glycolic acid is and how it can benefit your skin and how to apply the peel 2 glow treatment.

Vitamin B12 Injection Training
Students will learn how to safely administer a B12 injections, subsequently preventing their patients from suffering with vitamin deficiency. Students will adapt such skill by studying what B12 is and where we find it, types of vitamin B12, what the deltoid muscle is, as well as the vitamin B12 injection technique. 

Microneedling Training

Students will learn how to effectively use a micro-needling pen, making tiny wounds on their clients skin, subsequently increasing collagen production and elastin, making the skin appear more youthful. Students will be successful in micro-needling by studying scars and striae, rhytides and skin rejuvenation, micro-needling devices, treatment protocol and treatment technique. 

Dermaplaning Training

Students will learn how to use a medical grade scalpel to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Students will do so by studying the anatomy and physiology of human skin, where dermaplaning can be performed and the benefits of dermaplaning. 

Foundation Botox Training

Students will learn administer botox into the key injection sights: forehead, crows feet and frown lines (glabellar). Students will study arteries of the face and scalp, the method of administration, injection techniques, prevention of complications and how to determine dosage. Having trained this course, students will have an outstanding foundational understanding of botox. 

Foundation Dermal Filler Training

Students will learn how to administer dermal fillers, particularly focusing on lip filler, as well as filler for marionette (smile lines) and nose to mouth lines. Students will study the indications of filler, injection techniques, vascular inclusions, as well as how to tackle complications, subsequently students will feel confident in practicing foundational dermal filler treatments.


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