Buttock & Hip Dip Augmentation

Buttock & Hip Dip Augmentation

The procedure takes up to 2 hours. The filler is injected on upper/outer part of bum and then the hips/side to give volume. It will feel lumpy, bumpy within 6-12 weeks after treatment, please keep massaging as well. It will also feel really tender so keep it nice and clean and try not to sleep on your bum. Please avoid having strenous exercise for at least a week or until swelling and bruising settle down. The max amount is 60mls each bum cheek in one sitting. If more is required then this would need to be done 6 weeks later as the filler will expand and absorb water for up to 6-12weeks after the initial procedure. The filler lasts approximately 2 years.














(These amounts are split between each buttock. E.g. 50ml would equate to 25ml each side)

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