Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Incredible Results

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Incredible Results

Numerous people find faults with their nose. They are unaware that an uneven nose can be corrected with a small amount of nose filler, without surgery, and with minimal recovery time.

Dermal fillers are misunderstood as having the ability to enlarge your facial features. This, however, is not at all the case, here at Kanvas medical group our expert practitioners can do quite the opposite, by injecting filler into your nose it can improve the shape and appear smaller!

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What Is a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?


To make the nose appear smaller, narrower or to correct a bump on the nose, dermal fillers are the best non-surgical option. The non-surgical rhinoplasty also known as nose filler, is carried out by injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the nose.

This helps correct the shape of the nose to look more aesthetically pleasing without surgery. The tip of the nose can be lifted and the curvatures of the nose can be smoothed with nose filler injections. It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the non-surgical nose job treatment.

Using Dermal Filler To Change Nose Structure


Dermal filler can be injected over an uneven nose to adjust its form. Because of bumps, dents, or dips, the nose’s lower section might appear asymmetrical. But when carried out by a skilled practitioner, these can be recontoured and moulded with nose fillers. 

Dermal fillers used for nasal enhancement treatments must be cautiously administered. It’s essential to seek a qualified practitioner with experience in performing aesthetic procedures. With the right technique and experience, nose fillers can be a safe and effective way to have an aesthetically pleasing nose.

What are the benefits of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

  • There is minimal discomfort during the procedure.
  • The result can be seen immediately.
  • Nose filler is a quick procedure and it takes 30 minutes.
  • Bruising and swelling are minimal.
  • Instantly a confidence booster

How long does the Non-Surgical Nose Job last?


The nose fillers last 9-12 months. The longevity of fillers is prolonged for individuals that have maintenance treatments.

Before and After:


non surgical


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